HyPAS Clients

Connectors to external server applications that integrate the MFP closely into a complete document workflow.

HyPAS Benefits:

  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Faster Operations
  • Strengthened Security

Document Capture and Routing

KYOcapture is KYOCERA's Document Capture Workflow software that allows to

  • Capture information and documents from virtually any paper or electronic source,
  • Process the information (e.g. indexing, format conversion, barcode reading, etc.),
  • Route the information automatically to multiple destinations.

KYOcapture is compatible with all devices, but offers enhanced functionality and performance on HyPAS devices, for instance:

  • Device embedded web authentication
  • Enhanced security (SSL)
  • Web based communication
  • Single-touch scan
  • Customized panel and user defined menus

Click here for more information on KYOcapture.

HyPAS Benefits:

  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Improved Usability

Customizable Security Software

KYOcontrol is KYOCERA's powerful security software that fulfills even the most challenging demands in document security. At the heart of KYOcontrol is the Print&Follow™ technology that releases print jobs securely after authentication at the device.

KYOcontrol is compatible with all devices from KYOCERA and from other vendors. However, on HyPAS devices it offers enhanced functionality on the panel and optimal usability, for instance:

  • Print job overview
  • View user data and permissions directly on the device
  • Multilingual interface 
  • Logon with user name and WebClient password / Card authentication optional
  • Registering of new or replaced ID cards

Click here for more information on KYOcontrol.

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